Fucking Mentekab not sending me Invoices with the rest of their docs, too annoying, it’s just cluttering my inbox until they pull their fingers out and SEND ME MA GAT DAYM INVOICE!

None of you anti-Synthesis guys understand that preservation of life is the prime directive of the Reapers, they use Indoctrination in the same way they use a tool, it’s just a method that makes destroying species more efficient (they are machines after all) Indoc theory isn’t correct, fact, they aren’t evil or malevolent, they are machines built for one purpose, they don’t ask why, the catalyst controls them, so the catalyst isn’t trying to make you choose Synthesis because it’s their final plan, it’s because 1. it’s the most logical step because it preserves all life as one, no weakness of flesh or will for a soul and ALL races culled by the Reapers can now contribute their immeasurable knowledge to the current galaxy races, basically meaning that the galaxy will ascend to a higher plain of understanding, and 2. The catalyst talks more about the Synthesis choice because it needs to be explained more than control or destroy, those are pretty basic concepts, they don’t need explaining, Synthesis does so the player can make they’re decision based on enough information from the game. What’s worse, changing everyone’s genetic make up OR allowing sentient life, that you’ve learned about for 3 games and fought alongside, who had just become self aware individuals and promised to help you, die. Synthesis is the best and most advantageous Ending.


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Mass effect 3 has some fantastic weapons in it!



Jammin’ in Dam

Jammin’ in Dam

Why does Zoey from the West Wing look like she’s made out of clay?

If you splice Leo scenes together from west wing he just seems like a really confused old man most of the time, but with a heart of gold.

People who call the Israel/Palestine conflict Genocide….

If you’re going to be that idiotic

Remove yourself from the planet.


fuck you this a warhammer blog now.