i just took a load of shreeeoooooommmmssssss

Mass effect 3 has some fantastic weapons in it!



Jammin’ in Dam

Jammin’ in Dam

Why does Zoey from the West Wing look like she’s made out of clay?

If you splice Leo scenes together from west wing he just seems like a really confused old man most of the time, but with a heart of gold.

People who call the Israel/Palestine conflict Genocide….

If you’re going to be that idiotic

Remove yourself from the planet.


fuck you this a warhammer blog now.

i haven’t blogged in  a while but i’ve been thinking about weight alot recently, i’m doing my weight loss quite slowly, there are some days when i really don’t want to be fat anymore, but most days i’m not really bothered by it, which makes me think, fat people, for the most part, only have themselves to blame, so it’s pretty annoying when you get people who are like “YOU BEAUTIFUL, YOU DON’T NEED TO CHANGE”

yes you do! It’s for your own benefit ENTIRELY to lose weight! I would in fact call it a fat persons responsibility to lose weight, and for for the simplest reason as well, SO YOU DON’T DIE HORRIBLY! and so your loved ones don’t suffer because you can’t find the strength of will, and that’s honestly all it is, fat people are hardly ever telling the truth when they say “i try to lose weight but i can’t” unless you have a physical illness that prevents you from losing it, which isn’t a majority of fat people.

the thing is, you have to be brutal with yourself, others have to be dead honest with you, non of that sugar coating bollocks, you shouldn’t feel good being fat because it’s so unhealthy!

so anyway, going for a post work pint with me mam!

got my bonus


Insanely happy right now because i have Dam’ in about a month