A mate of mine just got published and his book for sale on amazon.

Insanely happy for him right now, he’s been through alot these past years.

These foreigners are having a party too what I can only describe as rushing forest folk violin music, right down the road

Nightcap all rolled and ready.

Made a 20 bag last the week yay!

Tom Kane is one of my favourite voice actors

Uma Thurman can’t take her drugs.

Hours later I am still bored, if someone wants to knock for with a 20 bat and ice cream that would be kewl. I MUST ACT BEFORE I GO MAD. How much Frasier can one watch in one day

I’m deadly bored and naz’ phones off, ALL I WANT IS A JOINT!

Seriously getting pushed at the moment, Shit 2 weeks at work and now I’ve been informed that the bass I’ve worked really hard to get has been sent to Edinburgh instead of London.

how do you even make such a fucking annoyingly idiotic and stupid mistake. Told the guy I’m buying it off to complain and get his shipping money back, he needs the money, i need the bass. And it all seemed like it was falling into place nicely because I’m going to Kensington to Trailfinders for work tomorrow and I was supposed to be picking it up from Southfields which is right near.

But nope, Universe wants to fuck me over again.

at least i’ll get numbingly stoned on the weekend.

Conan’s Blood eagle is so damn heavy!!!

Conan’s Blood eagle is so damn heavy!!!